Check out how Ava ( no longer avialable- sold) looks in my thank you video to my customers! Ava was apart of the summer 2020 collection featuring shorter chains allowing the necklaces to be more visable on camera. The summer 2020 collection  is designed with our new normal in mind. :) 

Ok.  So we are all home and trying our best not to lose it.  As the weather gets warmer and our “lockdown” status begins to loosen up some of the world we remember feels like it is slowly returning to us.  But the truth is our world will never be the same.  Through this pandemic we learned how to work, live, eat and function in our homes in new ways.  How many of us have learned how to be office and often camera ready from the waist up in a matter of minutes.  You know how this works, that one meeting you totally forgot about is starting in 10 minutes and Netflix has just asked you if you're still there.  You are NOT ready and you need to be.  This is where bohosugarb can help.  You need to look good fast! Let's face it no one is going to see how cute your shoes are or even how well your pants match your shirt.  You need a statement piece. A piece of jewelry that perfectly compliments or dresses up that plain blouse that used to be your favorite back when you could pair it with the perfect slacks and shoes.  You want something people will notice and see on camera.  As an online business it is important to have an amazing picture.  That's the first thing my customers see. It's how you know what you are getting.  The description is nice but the pictures tell the story.  Each one of my pieces looks great on camera. Each piece is one of a kind, no one will ever have YOUR piece.  They are totally original not to mention gorgeous.  As much as we like to think people are so engrossed in whatever they are Zooming or Google Meeting about we know the truth. Truth is people are LOOKING. We all do it! We pay attention to what people have on, what books they have on the bookshelf behind them, what kind of dog they have.  This new way of life and work isn't going anywhere.  Surly now that everyone knows how to use such virtual tools they will be around for a while. Make virtual meetings a little bit more fancy with some fun and beautiful jewelry. Happy shopping!